Clay County Educational Opportunities

Henrietta ISD

Serves Henrietta, Jolly and rural areas in central Clay County

  • Henrietta Elementary
  • Henrietta Middle School
  • Henrietta High School

Bowie ISD

Serves Bowie and surrounding area

  • Bowie Elementary School
  • Bowie Intermediate School
  • Bowie Junior High School
  • Bowie High School

Gold-Burg ISD

Serves Ringgold, Stoneburg and surrounding area

  • Ringgold Elemntary School
  • Gold-Burg Junior/Senior High School

Petrolia ISD

Serves Petrolia, Charlie, Dean, Byers, Thornberry and surrounding area

  • Petrolia Elementary
  • Petrolia Junior/Senior High School

Bellevue ISD

Serves Bellevue, Vashti and surrounding area

  • Bellevue School – grades k-12

Midway ISD

Serves Southern Clay County, including Joy and Shannon

  • Midway School – grades k-12

Windthorst ISD

Serves a small portion of South West Clay County

  • Windthorst Elementary School
  • Windthorst Junior High School
  • Windthorst High School

Burkburnett ISD

Serves a small portion of North West Clay County

  • I.C. Evans Elementary School
  • John G. Hardin Elementary School
  • John G. Tower Elementary School
  • Burkburnett Middle School
  • Burkburnett High School

Higher Education Opportunities & Information for Clay County and Texas


Midwestern State University

MSU is a public university located in Wichita Falls, Texas, which is about 20 miles from Henrietta offering undergraduate, graduate and online programs.


Vernon College

This school is an accredited community college offering academic and vocational programs with locations in Vernon, Wichita Falls, Sheppard AFB and Seymour.


College for all Texans

From the Texas Higher Education Board, this site guides Texas students from all walks of life through the college application process.


Find Trade & Vocational Schools in Texas

Search for vocational and trade school in Texas and see how the schools rank.


Guide to Online Schools in Texas

Many public institutions in Texas offer online programs. Search for dozens of online programs in Texas.


Best Texas Colleges & Universities for 2017

Compare colleges in Texas by looking at tuition cost, acceptance rate, student population and more.


Find Accredited Online Colleges in Texas

It’s important to choose a properly accredited college, whether attending online or on campus. Learn more about accreditation in higher education.

Financial Aid & Affordable Education in Texas


Henrietta High School Scholarships

The high school offers an up-to-date listing of college scholarship available to students along with details on how to apply.


Unigo Texas Scholarships

This site offers a large scholarship directory and matches Texas students to scholarships they qualify for.


FAFSA Government Aid

Students interested in financial aid for college, including grants and scholarships, will need to fill out the FAFSA, which they can do online.


Guide to Affordable Colleges

Find affordable colleges in Texas and throughout the U.S.


Financial Aid for Online Colleges

Accredited online programs are eligible for federal financial aid. This handbook helps guide online students through the process of receiving financial aid.


Scholarships & Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

This guide offers advice and resources for students with disabilities to receive the financial assistance they need to attend college.

Online Colleges & Continuing Education


Distance Learning at Texas State University

Because Clay County includes rural areas, some residents might find online learning to be a good educational option. Texas State University offers degree programs, extension studies, and continuing education online.


Midwestern State University Distance Education

Even though the school is only about 20 miles away from Henrietta, some MSU students in rural Clay County may find it more convenient to take some of their studies online. Several programs and courses are offered.


Texas Workforce Commission

Texas residents will find educational opportunities, vocational training and rehabilitation, and occupational and workforce learning.


Online Graduate Programs

Find online graduate programs, including some in Texas, and find out what’s required to apply to a program.


Search & Compare Online Schools in Texas

This site offers a tool for users to search for schools throughout Texas that offer online programs.


Online Universities & Distance Learning

This guidebook is for people who want to advance their career through online learning.


Online Community Colleges

Many community colleges now offer online programs, course and degrees.


Computer Science Online

Those who wish to add computer skills to their resume can usually find the courses they need online. This site can help those people find the program they need to further their career.


Online MBA Programs

Several schools in Texas offer online graduate education, including MBA degrees.


Online Nursing Programs

With the world-class medical facilities located in Texas, nursing is a crucially important career to the state.  Rural nurses who wish to further their nursing education look to online instruction to do so.